Caucasus. September 2020.
Caucasus mountain. Karachay-cherkessia. Teberda and Dombay.

Teberda village. 

Valley of the mountain river Teberda.
Jamagat gorge and road to Jamagat narzans.
Abandoned hospital in Teberda village.
Azgek gorge.
Caucasian hitchhiking.
Teberda river.
Shumka waterfall.
Horses are everywhere.
And amazing night with sky full of stars.
Rapids on Ulu-Muruju river.
Alibek waterfall.
My security guard.
There are very much wild bears in this places. This dog started follow me near my hotel in Dombay. I am very afraid of dogs. But i even more afraid of bears. So we walked over the mountains together for more than 25 km.
Alibek glacier.
Alibek gorge.
Juchkhur waterfall.
Juchkhur gorge.
Juchkhur lake and Juchkhur river.
Dombay-ulgen river valley.
Juchkhur waterfall.
Road to Baduk lakes.
First Baduk lake.
Second Baduk lake.
Third Baduk lake.
Baduk river in forest.
Baduk river.
Belalakaya mountain - "Russian Matterhorn".
Ski lift to the top of Moussa-Achitara mountain.
"above only love"
From the top (3200m).
Dombay-Ulgen mountain.
Ptysh river valley and Ptysh glacier.
Dombay-Ulgen and Ptysh glacier Ptysh river valley.
Amanauz river valley and Amanauz gorge.
Amanauz river.
Sufrudzhu waterfalls.
Amanauz river.
Gonchkhir gorge and Gonchkhir river.
Gonchkhir river.
Tumanlygel' lake.
Gonchkhir gorge.
Somewhere between Teberda and Kislovodsk.
Mount Elbrus - the highest mountain in Europe (5642m).

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